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    For the tenth time in a row:

    ROCKINGER is the “Best Brand of 2014”

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    JSK 36 Standard on all Freightliner Trucks

    Daimler Trucks North America Partners with JOST

    Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) announced on the 13th of May that the JOST International JSK36 lightweight fifth wheel is now the standard fifth wheel for all Freightliner truck models. The JSK36 is also available as a published option for the Western Star 4700 and 4900 truck models.

    The JOST JSK36 fifth wheel features a lightweight design that also offers safety, ease of maintenance and reliability. The JSK36 features the same simple JOST locking mechanism that customers have become familiar and comfortable with. 

    “JOST International’s fifth wheel solutions are an ideal complement to our products. We depend on our partners to provide value-added solutions that contribute to our customers’ uptime,” said Mary Aufdemberg, Director of Product Marketing for Freightliner Trucks. “The low lifetime cost of ownership of JOST fifth wheels makes JOST a smart choice for our customer’s applications.”

    Added Rich Carroll, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for JOST International: “This new agreement with DTNA represents a significant advance in our domestic position. JOST is the leading manufacturer of fifth wheels around the globe and this partnership positions us well in our progress towards market share leadership in North America.”

    JOST International began manufacturing for the North American market in its Greenville, Tenn., facility in 2000. The partnership with DTNA started in 2002. Currently there are more than 350,000 JOST fifth wheels on the road in North America.

    Press release

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    JOST helps to reduce fuel consumption

    Patented roof diffusor contributes to CO₂ reduction

    A highly efficient airflow system with the product name SDR is available now from JOST. The SDR roof diffusor is an aerodynamic airflow system which reduces the decelerating air turbulences at the rear of the vehicle by more than 50%. This results in fuel savings of up to 4%, which was confirmed by extensive field tests of vehicle manufacturers and transport companies.

    JOST SDR has a positive effect in reducing air turbulence at the rear of the vehicle. The air flowing over the roof is directed through the turbulent zone by the JOST SDR diffusor, significantly reducing the drag effect caused by the turbulent air. This creates less air swirl and air resistance and thus results in substantial fuel savings of up to 4%. Thanks to this, acquisition costs of the SDR roof diffusor pay for themselves after only a few months.

    Besides the remarkable savings on consumption, it also reduces the respective CO₂ emissions and protects the environment. Two more benefits of JOST's SDR roof diffusor resulting from the low air turbulence behind the vehicle are most noticeable during bad weather: The rear of the vehicle remains cleaner and the view, e.g. in rainy conditions, for following vehicles is improved, as less spray mist develops behind the vehicle.

    Installing the JOST SDR roof diffuser is very simple. The SDR can easily be installed on the rear end of a truck body, trailer or semi-trailer – of course ret-roactive installation is also possible. After installation, the SDR roof diffuser is completely maintenance-free. The SDR is now part of JOST's range of prod-ucts and can be obtained through the JOST worldwide marketing network.




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    JOST World presents its Trucks & Trailer programme at COMTRANS 2013

    JOST will be presenting its comprehensive product line of components and systems for trucks & trailers at COMTRANS 2013 in Moscow from 10 - 14 September 2013. Hydraulic systems from EDBRO, which was acquired by JOST World in November 2012, will also be presented for the first time in Eastern Europe. The JOST exhibition will be in Hall 5, Stand C292.

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    Parts for trucks and trailers

    Trust the market leader: With the strong brands JOST, ROCKINGER, TRIDEC and Edbro we are the leading manufacturer of vehicle connection components.