ZIP , City
Supplier No.
Container code Description Amount Date
A1208 pallet cover for VDA-KLT
EU0 Euro-pallet according to UIC 435-2/6
EU1 Euro-pallet according to UIC 435-2/6
EU4 Euro-pallet according to IPPC-Standard
GBX Euro-wire basket according to DIN 15155
GBK wire basket small
HPF wood fiberboard
I07 steel container Schäfer 0,8t
JWDECKEL lid for Jost-World packaging
JWRAHMEN frame for Jost-World packaging
K03 KLT-container VDA 4321 type C
K07 KLT-container VDA 6428 type C
KD4 lid for KLT VDA 4321 type C
KD6 lid for KLT VDA 6428 type C
K01 KLT-container VDA 3215 type R
K10 KLT-container VDA 4315 type R
KD3 lid for KLT VDA 3215 type R
KD2 lid for KLT VDA 4315 type R
VWP four-way-pallet according to IPPC-Standard
J03 Jost Small Wooden Frames
J04 Jost Small Wooden Lid
PL1 Pal. 800x600mm IPPC f.JAR+JBR

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