JOST China opens new plant to mark anniversary

JOST China celebrates its 20th anniversary with a new factory. The company opened a new plant in Wuhan in July for the production of fifth wheel couplings. The modern production plant extends the existing plant in Wuhan and features a production capacity of 150,000 fifth wheel couplings per year.

JOST China, a wholly owned subsidiary of JOST World, celebrated its 20th anniversary in July and marked the occasion with the inauguration of a new, modern production plant in close proximity to the existing site in Wuhan, located in the Central Chinese province of Hubei. The plant operates according to the "lean production" method and features a new machine outfit. Around 200 employees work in the new production facility and the adjacent administrative building. The plant provides a production capacity of 150,000 fifth wheel couplings per year. Peter Ormond, President of JOST Asia: "We have been active in China as a producer of fifth wheel couplings for 20 years, initially as part of a joint venture and since 1999 as our own company. JOST's proximity to the rapidly growing markets in China and other Asian countries has been characterised by considerable success. This new plant marks the foundation for continued growth and a successful future for JOST China."

In Wuhan, JOST produces fifth wheel couplings in steel sheet construction with kingpin dimensions of 2 inches and 3.5 inches. Fifth wheel couplings made in China are primarily sold by JOST on the Chinese market and to a certain extent in other Asian markets such as Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia. It was not until 2009 that JOST developed a new fifth wheel coupling, the JSK39DV30, specifically for the requirements of the Chinese market. Since its introduction, it has enjoyed considerable success on the local market. In addition to the plants in Wuhan, the plant in Shanghai produces telescopic landing gears for the Asian market.
In 2006, the plant in Wuhan received the certification for the international quality standard ISO/TS 16949. Since then, it is also certified as an international automotive supplier.