JOST LubeTronic 5Point standard equipment for MAN

MAN Truck & Bus AG is including JOST LubeTronic 5Point, the integrated lubrication system for fifth wheel couplings, as standard equipment in its tractors. This makes MAN the first vehicle manufacturer to build in this intelligent, ecologically sound and especially economical system as standard, instead of a centralised lubricating system.

The LubeTronic 5Point from JOST is an integrated lubricating system for standard fifth wheel couplings that automatically provides grease not only to the lock jaw but also to the fifth wheel coupling plate. Since no more lubrication points need to be provided for on the vehicle other than the fifth wheel plate, MAN no longer needs to install a separate centralised lubricating system.

The LubeTronic 5Point consists of a controller, a lubrication supply container and five lubrication nozzles that supply grease to the lock jaw and the fifth wheel plate. The entire system is integrated under the fifth wheel plate in the fifth wheel coupling and is provided with power via the on-board electronics’ CAN bus system. An electronic control precisely doses the amount of grease distributed at regular intervals. The correct lubrication program for each vehicle type and type of use can be activated in the factory. For long distance transport, the fifth wheel coupling requires a lower dose of grease per lubrication interval. The pre-set program provides for a greater amount of grease for vehicles used on construction sites or for short-distance transport with frequent coupling. The lubricant in the lubrication cartridge on the fifth wheel coupling will last for around 12 months. A display in the instrument panel signals to the driver when grease must be refilled. It can be easily refilled using a lubrication nipple. (Attention: The LubeTronic 5Point can only be operated with JOST high-performance lubricant). The electronically controlled dosing ensures that there is always enough, but not too much, grease on the fifth wheel plate and lock jaw. This saves grease and protects the environment.