New from Tridec: Suspension for off-road use

The new lubefree suspensions under the designation HD-O (axle loads up to 14 t) and MD-O (axle loads up to 10 t) are particularly suitable for use with heavy, fast moving trailers for construction and agricultural purposes with a high centre of gravity.

They guarantee significantly safer driving properties while at the same time saving fuel, and increase the product life of axles and frames. Both of these systems are designed as delta steering chassis and are equipped with passive hydro pneumatic axle regulation. For one, this ensures an extremely high level of axle regulation in equal axle load distribution, which ensures a great degree of stability especially when driving or unloading on uneven terrain. At the same time, the shock absorbers located to the far exterior ensure with their hydro pneumatic regulation that heavy trailers with a high centre of gravity still have a great deal of roll and directional stability, even at high speeds. Such trailers might be dump trucks, silage trailers or slurry tankers, for example. The chassis geometry constructed by TRIDEC also makes towing easy both off-road and on-road, which reduces the fuel consumption of the towing vehicle.

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