New training video for the safe coupling and uncoupling

In this spring, JOST presented a selection from all of the product areas at the fairs in in Birmingham (Great Britain) Milano (Italy), Tampa (Florida USA), Warragul (Australia) and Gelsenkirchen (Germany).

JOST now offers all freight companies free of charge DVD with various training elements for the installation, maintenance, repair and safe operation of fifth wheel couplings for the purpose of training their drivers.  In clearly arranged separate segments, the viewer is informed of all important information concerning the proper handling of fifth wheel couplings, the various security systems of the JOST-program as well as maintenance and care, from the simple observation test up to the automatic lubrication with the help of the JOST LubeTronic. Distinct 3-D animation clearly explains the construction and the interior of a fifth wheel coupling and demonstrates with colour-highlighted markers the most crucial details of safe coupling and uncoupling. This up-to-date JOST training DVD is extremely effective for the training and further education of drivers and at avoiding accidents caused by incorrect coupling or uncoupling.
With this new training material, JOST underlines its commitment to the safe handling of trucks and trailers.  An online version of the training film can be found here.