Original spare parts

Better safe than sorry!

In the worst case scenario, all it takes is a non-functioning fifth wheel coupling locking mechanism, a bolt that is unable to stand up to sufficient pressure, or even just a defective screw to cause an accident. That is why the German Federal Motor Transport Authority and legislative authorities demand the mandatory use of original spare parts for components subject to type approval, such as fifth wheel couplings and towing hitches.

The installation of any spare parts that do not hold type approval in accordance with §22 of the German Road Traffic Approval Directive (StVZO) on articulated vehicles and towing hitches is forbidden in Germany! Frankfurt Regional Court found (file reference 2-06 O 654/12) that wearing and spare parts for components subject to type approval in accordance with § 22a Para. 1 Clause 6 StVZO may only be sold by the holder of the type approval.

This means that dealers and workshops which sell or install such items as well as the vehicle operator are fully liable for the consequences. Even offering non-original spare parts for connecting systems subject to type approval for sale is punishable.

More and more European countries demanding homologation in line with the new ECE Directive R55-01 are adopting this legal concept in their own national road traffic approval directives, in the same way as Germany's StVZO.

Original spare parts kits from JOST are now delivered in unmistakeable packaging with a counterfeit-proof hologram. This ensures that you are really receiving JOST quality! In addition, the cardboard packaging allows efficient handling and contains easy-to-understand assembly instructions. To be sure, check the wearing.