Remote control for heavy duty transport: TRITRONIC 2

Heavy duty transporters usually have a wide range of additional electronic functions. In Tritronic 2, TRIDEC offers wireless/cable operation for the trailer management of this kind of vehicle.

These vehicles are all equipped with hydraulic steering. Due to the extreme dimensions, a manual control is almost always necessary or preferred. After using manual control, vehicles need to be realigned. Tritonic 2 can do this at the touch of a button. But that’s not all - regardless of whether hydraulic suspension, high regulation or levelling, lifting axles, retractable goosenecks, coupling plate compensation, loading ramps, vehicle widening or supports - these functions can be operated and controlled easily using Tritronic 2.

Operation is wireless or cabled via a remote control for all functions. Preinstalled units and ready-for-assembly cable sets make installation easy. Tritronic 2 has emergency operation without current and has been tested for/in accordance with EMC / Hall / IP / Hass / environment and vibrations.