The new universal slider from JOST

With sliders, fifth wheel couplings can be moved on the vehicle frame quickly and easily.

The position of the fifth wheel coupling can thus be adjusted for differing trailers. The shaft load and load distribution can be optimized, and tractors can be shortened for transport on ferries. Sliders are especially used in Great Britain, in Scandinavia and in markets outside of Europe. The new Pro Tech Slider for standard fifth wheel couplings offers an enormous weight advantage of up to 55 kilograms in comparison to the conventional sliders. Thanks to a self-locking mechanism, it is also extremely safe. It is impossible for the blocking pieces to come loose, no matter the circumstances, which reliably prevents inadvertent sliding. The Pro Tech Slider is offered in a direct mount version that can be screwed from the side directly onto the frame, in a conventional outboard version that is vertically screwed onto the frame, and in various versions for special applications.