Update to the 50 mm couplings

ROCKINGER introduces two new 50 mm couplings. Both are successors to time-tested product lines and have now been equipped with the most modern technology.

The RO*50 is the successor to the field-proven RO*500 series. It combines all the advantages of its predecessor, but is easier to operate thanks to a one-piece hand lever. The RO*700 series is also being replaced. ROCKINGER is presenting the RO*50E as its successor. Equipped with release lever technology, this coupling is especially easy to use since the bolt will only be released once the drawbar eye is in the correct position. This provides for both fewer incorrect couplings and for increased safety and convenience when coupling and decoupling. Both new couplings have a rotatable bolt, which will lead to more uniform wear, and a reduced rate of deterioration. Both the RO*50 and the RO*50E are permitted for imposed loads of up to 2,500 kg. With a D-value of up to 285 kN - greatly increased compared to its predecessor - and a V-value of up to 90 kN, they are also well suited for heavy articulated train combinations. Both new couplings have also already been equipped for the future. They come ready to have the latest sensor technology installed, such as the locking monitoring system or the drawbar turn angle warning system with the display in the driver cabin. This offers reliable protection against shunting damage to the coupling, drawbar and back of the vehicle. Furthermore, the RO*50 and the RO*50E can be easily equipped or retrofitted with the latest.