ADR Audit report for JOST-systems

Below you see the JOST systems for which an audit report has been created according to the ADR European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

You can download the apportionment of the component code here.
We are happy to send the audit to you upon request.

Mark of conformity / Test Report No.

System description

TÜ.EGG.095-05 / 203. 004. 10
>> Download Certificate (PDF)

SCS, remote controlled
CCS, Comfort-Coupling-System
Easy-Drive, electric powered landing gear

TÜ.EGG.124-07 / 200. 001. 07
>> Download Certificate (PDF)


TÜ.EGG.133-08 / 200. 038. 07
>> Download Certificate (PDF)

LubeTronic I

TÜ.EGG.133-09 / 200. 024. 08
>> Download Certificate (PDF)





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