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Developer of the first front-end telescopic cylinder in the world

Edbro is the market leader in the field of vehicle-mounted hydraulics systems, including front-end, underbody and ejector cylinders, waste handling equipment and customised hydraulic kit solutions. Edbro has led the market in terms of product developments since 1916. Back then, company founder Maurice Edwards developed the world’s first lifting device powered by a truck engine. Edbro has been part of the JOST World since 2012 and has a production plant in Bolton in the north-west of England.

Cylinder technology

Thanks to over 90 years of industry experience and comprehensive expertise, Edbro products are and always will be at the very forefront of the tipping cylinder market. They increase payload, reduce tipping times and deliver low-maintenance and maintenance-free solutions.
From designing cylinders with the help of cutting-edge 3D modelling and the finite element method all the way up to a unique laser welding procedure, comprehensive and process-linked quality assurance systems are used throughout the entire manufacturing process. The goal is to always receive a maintenance-free product. Every Edbro cylinder undergoes a final production test, where it is subjected to 150% of its maximum permissible pressure.


Edbro offers customised kit solutions for a wide range of hydraulic applications, from tipper and tipper semitrailers to sliding floors and car transporters. These kit solutions combine specially designed components, including hydraulic valves, pneumatic controls, piston and gear pumps, PTOs, oil tanks and all other fittings and components required for any hydraulic application. Edbro kits are designed to optimise the performance of Edbro equipment, but also work effectively with all other equipment.

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