Cathodic electrocoating: a process for the highest quality standards

Electrocoating offers optimum surface sealing and therefore first-rate corrosion protection. Thanks to the even, thin coating, the surface can still be painted, e.g. in another colour. And it is extremely environmentally friendly: 

the immersion process results in a high utilisation ratio and the water-soluble coating system keeps the proportion of organic solvents very low.

Coating Service

JOST has one of the most modern electrocoating facilities and is thus also in a position to finish your products in its coating service centre. 

This service from JOST can lower your costs and offer you competitive advantages. Contact us if you are interested.

The electrocoating facility is suitable for manufacturers and clients from the following sectors: automobiles, commercial vehicles, agricultural, forestry and construction vehicles, as well as their suppliers. 

It is also ideal for manufacturers of mass-produced cast and sheet metal components: 

  • batch size: small and industrial scale  
  • weight of the individual components: between 0.1 kg 
    and max. 150 kg  
  • dimensions up to 2,5 x 1,5 x 1,5 m (L x H x W)  
  • layer thickness 20-50 µm 

Typical areas of use for the electrocoating facility include coating engine and mounted components, such as shafts, braces, engine brackets, brakes, gearbox casings and chassis parts.


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