Safety with system

With its KKS, JOST has provided a key innovation. 
The full automation of manual processes ensures greater safety and efficiency in modern fleets. 
The system performs all burdensome and dangerous tasks that the driver would have to perform when coupling or decoupling articulated vehicles.


Completely automated

The KKS automates the entire coupling process! 

In particular, this means: 

  • An automatic plug-in connection for pneumatic brakes and trailer electrical systems - no spiral cables 
  • Fifth wheel coupling with remote control and remote display - no coupling errors 
  • Electrically powered telescoping landing gears - no cranking

All components such as the fifth wheel coupling und telescoping landing gears can still be operated mechanically.

Of course it is still possible to connect KKS trailers or KKS tractors with conventional vehicles.

Benefits for the operator?

The distinct advantages in a nutshell: 


  • increases safety for the driver and others, in particular during the coupling process 
  • higher efficiency due to faster coupling and decoupling 
  • prevents breakdowns caused by torn spiral cables 
  • reduces day-to-day costs for the freight forwarder 
  • increases the convenience for the driver and makes his/her job easier and more attractive

In future, KKS will be the standard for modern truck and trailer connections.

This year the JOST KKS has been granted the Innovation Award in the category "Safety". 

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