Code of Conduct

Together we bear the responsibility not to harm the reputation and the high profile of our long-established company and our brands and the quality of our products through illegal, irresponsible conduct.

Our Code of Conduct consists of the following Principles:

  1. Decisions are not to be influenced by personal interests and are only to be made in the interests of the company.
  2. We condemn any form of discrimination for reasons of ethical origin, religion, political conviction, gender, physical constitution, appearance, age or sexual orientation.
  3. Problems or tensions should be addressed directly through open discussion in a respectful manner.
  4. We make careful use of the corporate assets and ensure their optimal use in the interests of our corporation.
  5. Circumstances that could lead to conflicts between official duties and personal interests must be avoided.
  6. Business decisions are made on the basis of verifiable commercial risk-benefit analyses and documented accordingly.
  7. Our success is based on quality and competence. We therefore do not tolerate any kind of bribery, corruption, extortion or embezzlement.
  8. The protection of and respect for all people are our priority. We therefore reject any form of forced labour and child labour.
  9. We are committed to making sparing use of natural resources. All locations therefore aspire to continually improve our energy and environmental performance.
  10. We comply with the respectively applicable version of the laws and regulatory requirements.


The Code of Conduct cannot anticipate all responses to individual circumstances.

The following questions must always be answerable with “YES” and can therefore serve as a guideline precisely in cases of doubt:

  • Is my decision legal?
  • Is my decision in accordance with the rules/guidelines of our company?
  • Has my decision been taken in the best interest of our company?
  • Is my decision free of competing self-interests?
  • Is my decision in keeping with my own conscience?
  • Can I transparently disclose my decision to the public?
  • Would my decision also withstand a third-party check?
  • Is the good reputation of our company maintained by my decision?

For questions or doubts as to whether one’s conduct or a measure is “compliant”, the employee shall seek advice at all times from his superior or from a Department such as Human Resources or the Legal Department or contact the Works Council.

Openness and trust are basically the most effective means of limiting or averting imminent damage caused by misconduct.

An email account specifically set-up for these purposes however affords our employees the opportunity to provide information about violations anonymously and independently of their position in the company.

We do not tolerate any violations against internal policies or the statutory provisions, irrespective of the hierarchical position of an employee. Eventual violations can lead to disciplinary measures, labour sanctions and further legal action.

Neu-Isenburg, 28 April, 2017

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Code of Conduct - Verhaltenskodex 04/2017