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JOST: the strong core brand

Pioneer for cast steel fifth wheel couplings and landing gears with internal gears

As the core brand, JOST offers traditional products for truck and trailer manufacturers, such as fifth wheel couplings or landing gears, as well as container equipment and axle systems. Based on these proven core products, the company has developed systems that serve to automate, control and monitor activities that were previously done by hand. Sensor-controlled solutions not only make operation easier and safer, but also more efficient.

Truck und Trailer

JOST submitted the patent application for the first cast steel fifth wheel coupling over 60 years ago. Since then, JOST’s fifth wheel couplings have been a success story around the world. All renowned vehicle manufacturers place their trust in JOST’s expertise and performance.

The extensive product range and high quality are just as crucial for this customer trust as the company’s innovative skill and reliable global supply of finished and spare parts.

Anyone who has produced millions of fifth wheel couplings for customers all around the globe knows what is important. JOST provides fifth wheel couplings for any application. These include weight-optimised pressed sheet metal couplings and robust cast steel couplings for imposed loads of between 6 and 74 tonnes.

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Container equipment

JOST has enjoyed continuous growth in the container equipment and interchangeable systems sector since 1990. Our decades of experience in the sector have helped us become a valued and trusted supplier for our customers. Individual consultation and after-sales support complete our offer.

Our portfolio of container equipment products comprises a wide range of supports, corner castings and accessories for swap bodies, which ensure efficient logistics, particularly in Europe. Alongside flexibility, compatibility and stability, safety is another fundamental parameter of a future-oriented vehicle fleet. To ensure safe road transportation of swap bodies and freight containers, JOST provides the right locking parts for these special transport vehicles.

Axle systems

In January 2015, JOST acquired Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems, making JOST one of Europe’s important manufacturers of trailer axles.

The merger offers numerous advantages to our customers, one of which is the reliable and fast supply of original spare parts via the JOST sales network. JOST has assumed the responsibility from Mercedes-Benz of providing original spare parts for all series. This means that JOST provides original spare parts as the manufacturer of trailer axle systems in proven series quality. Only JOST original spare parts guarantee the safety, performance and durability of your axles.

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