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Developer of the first manufacturer-independent steering system worldwide

For many years, TRIDEC systems have been used in a vast range of applications in diverse weather conditions and terrain types. They are reliable and impress thanks to their simple and quick maintenance. There are currently over 50,000 TRIDEC systems on the world’s roads. TRIDEC has been part of JOST since 2008 and currently employs around 160 people at its sites in Son in the Netherlands and in Murtede-Cantanhede in Portugal.

Steering systems

No two truck or trailer hitches are alike. Based on its many years of experience and diverse expertise, TRIDEC is able to offer tailored solutions for every task. Modular systems allow implementation on all types of trailer. The specialists at TRIDEC not only develop mechanically controlled steering systems, but also those controlled by hydraulic and electronic means. In doing so, they place great emphasis on long-term, cooperative collaborations with customers and users, ensuring that the perfect TRIDEC system can always be developed according to requirements.

The systems can be installed regardless of the axle or vehicle manufacturer. Hydraulic steering systems use cylinders to create a hydraulic connection between the clutch plate and the axles.


Axle suspensions

Alongside steering systems, TRIDEC also manufactures independent axle suspensions for double-deck and glass-transport trailers as well as for hydraulic suspensions and swinging axles.

TRIDEC axle suspensions increase the trailer capacity with regard to both volume and payload. Calculations from TRIDEC show that this solution can reduce transport movements. Reduced tyre wear and fuel consumption then result in further savings, meaning that TRIDEC systems contribute to a greater profit margin in the long term.

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