Here you will find JOST's logistics guideline and packaging overview for download and printing in PDF format.

Logistics Policy09/2021
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Packaging Items-Overview03/2018
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The JOST Web-Label is used for a precise identification of a package and includes all the data which is needed for the automated receiving process. Therefore, vendors have to ensure that each package is provided with a current and carefully filled out label. In this context the following instructions must be obeyed: 

  • The label must be attached to the packaging so that it is visible (see label attachment) 
  • A package that consists of several KLT-containers needs to have a master label as well as a single label 
  • Old labels must be removed 
  • A paper quality of at least 130g must be used when printing the JOST Web-Label

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Guide Book Web Label01/2024
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