Climate and environment

Resource efficiency is a key goal of our corporate strategy. We constantly strive to make efficient and effective use of our resources not only to generate above-average margins but also to further reduce the carbon footprint of our production activities.

We are keen to minimize our environmental impact and avoid it where possible. It is our goal to make our production sites safe and sustainable.

  • Systematic training of employees
  • Regular health, safety, quality and environmental management reviews
  • Early risk identification via the risk management system
  • Experts on site
  • Regular external audits as part of certifications. You can find our certifications here:


Emissions, Energy, Water, Waste

Key facts on emissions, energy, water and waste:

  • JOST aims to reduce its Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2eq emissions per production hour by -50 % until 2030, compared to the 2020 fiscal year.
  • The share of renewable energies in total electricity consumption amounted to 5.9 %, or 3.1 million kWh.
  • We use water mainly for cleaning production facilities and buildings, for operating the e-coating plants, and for employee hygiene.
  • In countries such as India, we collect rainwater and use it to minimize the consumption of tap water. In Europe and North America, water is drawn from the public supply network.
  • Waste avoidance and separation are key levers for waste management. Where possible, we try to return reusable waste to the resource cycle.

Read more about this topic in our sustainability report

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