Social Impact

Corporate social responsibility is a prerequisite for achieving sustained commercial success in the international market. Maintaining a link between economic value creation on the one hand and ecological and social responsibility on the other is therefore vital. We aim to ensure that all of our business units conduct themselves responsibly and sustainably. By doing so, they contribute to JOST’s long-term success and help to increase the value of the company. With regard to future sustainability activities, JOST will focus in particular on the below listed action areas that it has identified.


JOST wants to market its products for agricultural tractors in developing countries. By doing so, we can make an important contribution to increasing agricultural productivity in these countries, contributing to alleviate the risks of hunger.


Through measures in the area of training and further vocational education, JOST provides its employees worldwide with opportunities for professional advancement. Our apprenticeship and talent management programs are aimed primarily at giving young employees new development prospects within JOST.


JOST pursues ambitious growth targets worldwide. In so doing, we pay attention to the health and safety of all our employees and ensure that human rights and social standards are respected. This also includes preventing all forms of discrimination.


As a market leader, JOST sees innovation as the driver of its future growth. The development of eco-friendly products and processes that also meet the complex requirements of our customers is the key to our commercial success.


With our systems, we can help make the delivery of goods to cities and rural areas more sustainable and more efficient. Part of our research and development work is focused on developing efficient transport solutions for the logistics sector.


JOST strives to minimize the consumption of resources during its production activities. We are constantly working to make our production processes more efficient and to reduce waste.


As a manufacturer catering to the commercial vehicle industry, we want to reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions substantially and help our customers in their quest for carbon neutrality. This important goal of our sustainability activities is reflected in our product innovations.


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