JOST Truck Stop #27: Sustainability at JOST

Our new episode of JOST Truck Stop is all about sustainability at JOST. To this end, Michael Fischer, JOST’s vice president product development, will present our environmentally friendly solutions. Learn more about our sustainable products and what else we're doing to improve the environmental footprint of commercial vehicles!

At JOST, we want our production and products for the commercial vehicle industry to minimize the impact on the environment and society and – if possible – avoid it completely.

Environmentally friendly products at JOST

After all, we all want to live in a healthy, green and sustainable world. With JOST products, we contribute to the goal of making commercial vehicles more environmentally friendly. Our weight-optimized products such as aluminum landing legs, lightweight fifth wheels or the new DCA WEIGHTMASTER PLUS trailer axle – the lightest axle in its class – play an important role in this. Lighter products ensure lower emissions and higher capacities during transport. TRIDEC steering systems reduce tire wear and fuel consumption. And with the high-performance biodegradable lubricant, there is less contamination from grease.

JOST’s bio-lubricant is optimally adapted for use in combination with the LubeTronic 5Point minimum lubrication system. It is also ideally suited for the manual lubrication of conventional fifth wheels, regardless of their manufacturer. Further information is available here.

Sustainable solutions for users

For JOST, sustainability means not only green products, but also sustainable and safe solutions for users. The KKS automatic coupling system completely replaces all the physically strenuous activities of the coupling process. Drivers can perform the coupling process safely and comfortably from the truck cab, regardless of the weather or time of day. This significantly reduces the stress factor and avoids the dangerous climb onto the catwalk. Because this step is eliminated with the KKS, as is cranking and pinning! All details on the KKS are summarized here.

CO2-free production at JOST

Last year, JOST also began building solar power systems on the roofs of some of its production facilities. In Portugal and Turkey, JOST can already produce almost CO2-free as a result. Other locations will follow.

At JOST, we have the clear goal of halving our CO2 emissions per production hour by 2030. This means that our products can make a small contribution to improving the ecological footprint of LWKs and trailers.

Economically oriented action with simultaneous responsibility for employees, society and the environment has been JOST's philosophy for over 70 years. You can learn more about this and also find our current sustainability report here.

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