Our long-term ambition: We want to create a working environment where our employees feel comfortable, are highly engaged and can perform at their best.

Working environment and safety

The health, safety and wellbeing of our employees are critical in all our business activities. We have a responsibility to create and maintain a safe working environment for our global workforce. As a manufacturing company, preventing workplace accidents takes highest priority at JOST. To this end, JOST sets high safety standards worldwide for dealing with dangerous substances and other potential hazards. Regular information, instructions, training and further education courses, whether legally required or voluntary, continuously raise our employees’ awareness of safety issues and enable them to deal with potential hazards safely. This allows us to achieve high safety standards in all areas of the Group, both industrial and non-industrial.

Leadership, development and performance

We want to attract, empower and support employees with the right skills for all our business areas in order to remain competitive. We invest in the induction, development, engagement and performance of our employees to create an optimal working environment in which our employees can flourish.

Diversity, equality and integration

We want to be an attractive employer for people from a wide range of backgrounds and lifestyles and one at which everyone feels safe and welcome. Thanks to a diverse leadership team with a broad range of perspectives we can offer our customers all around the world solutions tailored to their culture, language and needs. Our company culture is based on respecting the individuality of every person and promotes equal opportunities irrespective of age, gender, disability, ethnocultural origin, religion, ideology or sexual identity. We affirmed this commitment in our global Human Rights Policy.

Community engagement

We believe that we as a company have a responsibility to participate in initiatives and support organizations that contribute to the development of a sustainable society. We want to build close and personal relationships with the communities and people our business depends on. Our sites decide at a local level how we can best strengthen our support to the local communities, as they understand their needs best.

In India, our Company organizes a series of social projects in Jamshedpur each year.

Read more about this topic in our sustainability report

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