Treating all employees responsibly and respectfully is a central element of our business conduct. Committed employees are the key to a strong company performance, successful change and ultimately sustainable corporate success.

Occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety protection are essential for our business activities. The prevention of accidents in the workplace is a particularly important concern. Therefore, JOST sets high safety standards worldwide when dealing with hazardous substances and other possible risk sources. In addition, we raise the safety awareness of our employees and expand their skills. Regular information, instruction, training and further education contribute to the achievement of a high safety standard. This enables us to ensure and promote safe working practices in all areas, both industrial and commercial, and at all our sites worldwide.

We record and evaluate work-related accident figures at regular intervals. The decline in this rate shows that our measures to protect employees are successful.

Training and education

One of JOST’s goals is to position the Group as an attractive employer in order to rapidly recruit and retain skilled employees in every area. By doing so, we can ensure that open positions are filled effectively with suitably qualified staff. With the help of our corporate values, we want to look beyond purely technical qualifications to find the right employees, and identify, develop and make optimum use of the talent within the Group. Our goal is to motivate employees, treat them fairly and develop them continuously

Diversity and equality

Today's society is characterized by a diversity of different backgrounds and lifestyles. As a company operating internationally, we have instilled a culture that respects the individuality of every person and promotes equal opportunities irrespective of age, gender, disability, ethnocultural origin, religion, ideology or sexual identity.


In the past, JOST has participated in social projects at local level in order to build community spirit.

Our site in India, for example, contributes to different social projects each year.

Read more about this topic in our sustainability report

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