JOST Truck Stop #24: IAA Preview – Interview with CEO Joachim Dürr

The IAA Transportation 2022 is just around the corner and we give you exclusive insights into our JOST trade fair highlights. Check out the latest JOST Truck Stop video!

JOST's trade fair appearance at the IAA 2022 is all about sustainability, assistance and digitalisation. In this interview, our CEO Joachim Dürr presents what that means exactly and what trade fair visitors can particularly look forward to.

The fair is just around the corner, the countdown is on, are you looking forward to the days at the IAA in Hanover?

Joachim Dürr: Yes, I am really looking forward to it. After four years of not being at the fair in Hanover, everyone - me and the entire JOST team - is looking forward to getting back into personal contact with customers. Presenting innovations and, of course, soaking up the industry trends. We are looking forward to showing our innovative products. This year, for the first time, we will be doing this both on the exhibition stand and in the outdoor area.

What can visitors to the trade fair look forward to in particular at JOST this year?

Joachim Dürr: We have divided our news into three megatrends: The first megatrend is the topic of assistance. We are all familiar with the KKS automatic coupling system, the trailer change at the push of a button, which makes the driver's work safer, easier and more efficient. We also have other product highlights that we will be showing for the first time on the open-air site, from the KKS system to the new camera system, which I will come to later.

The second big trend is sustainability. There we have green products that contribute to CO2 reduction, essentially through weight reduction. This includes a lightweight fifth wheel and our DCA WEIGHTMASTER PLUS axle, which brings a significant weight reduction to our already lightweight DCA axle.

The third big trend is digitalisation. We are showing a JOST portal, which is a digital customer interface that offers the customer an insane amount of product information. And of course digital media, like our JOST Truck Stop.

What trade fair highlights will JOST be presenting at the stand this year?

Joachim Dürr: We have a lot with us. For the ROCKINGER brand, many people know the Drawbar Finder, which we will present again. But also a completely new product, the RO*400 Easy Mount trailer hitch, which allows a faster assembly and also a lighter hitch.

That was exciting news from ROCKINGER. Is there any other news from the other brands?

Joachim Dürr: I already mentioned the axle, the DCA WEIGHTMASTER PLUS, which can generate a weight saving of over 50 kg in the trio. This is mainly due to an optimised wheel head and a much lighter brake.

You mentioned the assistance systems earlier. That's interesting, is there any other news about the assistance systems?

Joachim Dürr: Yes, we have a real highlight with the KKS, but we have also integrated a camera into the fifth wheel so that it sits at the best point on the vehicle and can thus support the fifth wheel process. We digitally transmit the fifth wheel process into the cab. This is the JOST King Pin Finder! This King Pin Finder enables the driver to monitor and optimise the entire saddling process during the saddling process. We will also be showing this in a live demonstration on the open-air site.

All information about JOST's trade fair appearance at the IAA can also be found here

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