Do you already know our new weight-optimised axle DCA WEIGHTMASTER PLUS? That's what our new Truck Stop episode is all about!

New weight-optimised trailer axle

This is the new trailer axle from JOST, the DCA Weightmaster PLUS. Weight optimisation has always been the focus in the development of the DCA axle series. The structure of the entire axle has now been optimised even further in the DCA WEIGHTMASTER PLUS. The optimised wheel head of the DCA WEIGHTMASTER PLUS also offers less weight and wear with better performance.

The combination with the newly introduced DCA X7 brake sets new standards in the market for 22.5" brakes. In total, a weight reduction of 51 kg is achieved in the trio. All this makes the DCA WEIGHTMASTER PLUS the lightest trailer axle in its class. The new axle cover is not only a visual change, but also offers functional advantages over earlier models. If you now combine this axle with the Weight Optimiser 27, an air bellows carrier with aluminium support structure, you can save another 27 kg in the trio.

AIRMASTER PLUS also eliminates the need for a conventional compressed air tank on the trailer. Divided into a 3-axle semi-trailer, the theoretical axle weight is reduced to 365 kg per axle with 22.5" brakes.

Sustainable product from JOST

And what are the benefits? A lighter axle naturally means higher loading capacities and in this way also causes lower emissions during transport. This makes this product an environmentally friendly solution that helps to improve the ecological footprint in the commercial vehicle industry.

And best of all, the features that make the DCA WEIGHTMASTER PLUS so special will also be available for all other models in JOST's DCA range in the future.

The DCA WEIGHTMASTER PLUS will be introduced successively from the end of 2023. All information on the lightest axle in its class can also be found here

DCA axle series from JOST

The DCA (Durable Compact Axle) axle series is characterised by a modular construction kit for trailer axles, which opens up limitless application possibilities with a low number of different parts. In addition to the DCA WEIGHTMASTER, the DCA range also includes the DCA MEGAMASTER, DCA AIRMASTER, DCA STEERMASTER, DCA PAVEMASTER and the DCA RAILMASTER.

All information is available here

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