The new JOST King Pin Finder: we explain the most important features|JOST Truck Stop #32

I'm sure you've heard about the JOST King Pin Finder in the last few episodes. It is now available on the market! This is reason enough for us to take a little more time to introduce the product to you.

The JOST King Pin Finder is the first camera that is integrated into a fifth wheel coupling and serves as a coupling aid.  “Blind” coupling without being able to keep a close eye on the trailer and king pin is now a thing of the past.

Coupling with JOST King Pin Finder is not only significantly less stressful for drivers, but also prevents a great deal of damage to the truck and trailer.

Of course, you have already asked a few questions about this product.

Why is the camera in exactly this position?

It is there because the view of the trailer and kingpin is ideal from this perspective. The yellow line serves as an orientation aid for the driver.

Isn't the camera in the way when the kingpin enters the fifth wheel coupling?

This is not the case, the camera is well protected. When the king pin enters the camera, the king pin finder is pushed down and is in an optimum position for the rest of the ride.

Does the driver have any additional work because he uses the King Pin Finder and has to control the camera from the cab?

This is not the case, the transmission of the camera image to the monitor in the dashboard is activated automatically as soon as reverse gear is engaged. So it's just like you know it from your car.

It's actually just as simple as it sounds, which is definitely a huge help for drivers and if it means even less damage, then all the better.

Get more information about the King Pin Finder here:

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