JOST Truck Stop #28: Interview KKS-U

Most of you are familiar with the KKS by now: no cranking, no plugging, no climbing, increasing comfort and safety while saving time and money. Now we have news from the KKS – the KKS-U! Have a look what it’s all about!

The KKS-U is an alternative installation variant of the KKS. It consists of three parts: wedge, spiral spring and cable box. The newly designed wedge still contains the well-known KKS Connector. It is attached to a high-quality JOST kingpin and turns while cornering. The spiral spring contains the air and electric lines. It leads them safely and reliably from the KKS Connector to the Trailer. Air and electric lines are safely stored in the cable box and fed into the spiral spring while cornering. 

Interview: KKS-U – the smart solution also for existing trailer 

Christian: Today we have brought reinforcements with us. With me is Andreas Jakubin, Product Manager Advanced Products at JOST. He is responsible for the KKS-U. Hi Andreas!

Andreas: Hi Christian!

Christian: Andreas, please summarize the characteristics of the KKS!

Andreas: The KKS is a necessary step in the logistics sector: Together with the king pin the air and electric lines are connected. This works because our system is divided into three sub-systems: the JOST fifth wheel with the KKS Connector, the trailer system which we have here and the electric landing leg Modul E-Drive. Therefore, we instantly have air and electricity on our trailer as soon as the king pin is locked securely in the fifth wheel. This makes the driver’s work easier and maybe we can motivate more people to get the truck driver’s license. Of course, the KKS also means increased safety. It reduces accidents by eliminating the necessity of climbing on the catwalk between truck and trailer. The risk of losing the trailer is significantly reduced by the sensors located in our fifth wheel.

Christian: OK, that sounds quite revolutionary and looks like it makes life a lot easier, especially for the drivers. And what is so special about the new KKS-U?

Andreas: The KKS-U is another clever solution from JOST. It is suitable for all the trailers that are already in use on the world’s roads today. The king pin including the wedge, the spiral spring with air and electric lines and the cable box are simply bolted underneath the trailer. By doing so, the trailer is retrofitted and made fit for the future with very little effort

Christian:  OK, that means you don’t need to buy a new trailer to use the KKS system. Of course, that’s very handy and makes the KKS even more attractive for potential users.

For more information on the KKS and the KKS-U have a look at!

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