Quicke launches new Quicke Control System and claims 1+1=3!

With the new QM-command and QE-command Quicke launches its first in-house developed controls platform, promising a new era of material handling efficiency in a robust and easy to use package.

Built upon 70 years of experience and all-new robust hardware the Quicke Control System - QCS, offers a full range from the essential and value-oriented QM-command, to the all-in-one and ergonomic QE -command - a new benchmark in smart and efficient loader control.

“This is the first loader control system designed fully by us and we are proud of what we have achieved”, says Fredrik Haldammen, Product Manager at Ålö. “Robustness and ease of use has been on top of the agenda during the development, but we have also focused on innovation. A customer choosing the electronic joystick, QE -command and Q-companion combined will get something truly unique on the market. The automation of repetitive work while optimizing the system for each individual implement and task will save valuable work time. A great example of our “Work smarter, not harder” philosophy. Our aim is to continuously offer the most efficient, comfortable and smart solutions for material handling, and we are just getting started.”

QE-command is the new electronic controls which lets you access all loader functions as standard, right under your thumb. Based on extensive in-field testing by farmers globally, the new joystick ergonomics enables long working hours with comfort. The control precision of the QE -command is unrivaled due to its digital valves with built in energy recovery and load compensation - enabling the user to focus on the tasks rather than the controls. Furthermore, smooth and independent control of implement functions is offered by a proportional rocker (Live3).

QE-command with Q-companion: “When 1+1=3”
Q-companion, the driver support system that includes load weighing and a free activity tracking service online – now adds ground-breaking functionality and takes an active role in the loader control. Easily integrated and controlled directly from the QE-command joystick scroll-wheel, this ideal combination truly lets you work smarter.

Combining QE-command with Q-companion enables: 

  • Automation of movements and repetitive tasks – save time and effort in your daily work
  • Soft end-stops and range limiters for each selected implement – optimum comfort and set-up
  • Rocker-controlled 3rd service, Smart bucket-shaking, Continuous 3rd service etc. – do more with less input
  • User selectable drive-modes and programmable joystick buttons – tailored to your need

The numerous advantages of combining QE-command and Q-companion is a true example of the 1 + 1 = 3 synergy.

QM-command: With its robustness and focus on the essentials, QM-command offers a perfect balance between simplicity and the functionality. The all-new system integrates the essential functions directly into the joystick, including SoftDrive (load suspension), Q-lock (implement locking) and two general purpose buttons for individual tractor functions. There is no need for external switches and buttons anymore, which can be difficult to locate. 

Furthermore, QCS is a complete platform including robust and all-new multi-couplings between the loader and tractor. The multi-couplings have an integrated electrical connection and ½” size hydraulic couplings which reduces the pressure drop - with increased loader speed and reduced fuel consumption as the result. Additionally, they include smart features such as automatic opening/closing of the dirt protection covers combined with great ergonomics and ease of use.

Fredrik adds: “We are launching a platform of control system products with fantastic performance and durability with a wide span between simple and advanced. The mechanical joystick with all buttons and switches on the handle itself increases the comfort and convenience. The electronic joystick is truly ergonomic and gives fantastic control of the loader movements. When the Q-series loader was designed we gave the hydraulic system a lot of attention to reduce the pressure drop and these new multi-couplings ensure quicker lift cycles on today’s high pump capacity tractors.” 

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