What is JOST doing in the area of sustainability?

JOST continues to work intensively on anchoring sustainability at all levels in the company. Find out more about our sustainability goals and green products here!

The aim remains to create a balance between JOST's economic success and our social and ecological responsibility as an internationally active company. We want to keep the impact of our production and products on the environment and society as low as possible.

In the past year 2022, JOST was already able to achieve some sustainability goals: 

  • The share of renewable energy in total electricity consumption multiplied to 15.6 million kWh compared to the previous year (2021: 3.1 million kWh).
  • We were able to reduce our CO2 emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2) per production hour by 15.0% compared to 2021 and by 35.2% compared to the base year 2020.
  • New solar panels on the roofs of two manufacturing plants are already producing solar energy, and the construction of more solar panels is planned.
  • We reduced the number of occupational accidents per 200,000 production hours by 8.8% to 3.39 (2021: 3.72).
  • We reduced our turnover rate by 3.4 percentage points year-on-year to 15.4%.
  • JOST has adopted the 2022 Human Rights Policy, which now officially enshrines our already practised corporate culture of respect and consideration for all people in our company and in our business relationships.

With our #jostgreen products and systems, we want to accompany the technology shift towards more efficient, ecological and intelligent commercial vehicles in both transport and agriculture:

  • Lighter products ensure lower emissions and higher transport capacities, for example weight-optimised products from JOST such as aluminium landing legs, lightweight fifth wheels or the new trailer axle DCA WEIGHTMASTER PLUS.
  • TRIDEC steering systems reduce tyre wear and fuel consumption.
  • The biodegradable high-performance lubricant ensures less contamination from grease.
  • Smart assistance systems (KKS, Drawbar Finder, King Pin Finder) provide additional occupational safety, comfort and health protection for users.

You can find more information about JOST's ecological activities in our sustainability report. And feel free to take a look at the special JOST Truck Stop series on sustainability!

Nachhaltigkeit bei JOST
Nachhaltigkeit bei JOST
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