Women at JOST World

Female power from Portugal: Regina Pinto is our Director Finance & HR at TRIDEC. She offers us an exclusive insight into her professional career and gives advice to young women on how to assert themselves in the automotive industry! Read more…


JOST: Please briefly outline your professional career.

Pinto: After I finished my degree in Audit & Accounting, I started at the finance department of a pharma retail company. At that point, it was clear to me that I want to work in an industrial environment. After I’ve been in the finance department of a bicycle components manufacturer, I came to TRIDEC Portugal where I was challenged to take over not only finance, but also HR. Since then, the learning journey never stopped.


JOST: How did you come to JOST and why did you stay at our company?

Pinto: I started at TRIDEC, before it became a member of the JOST family. The challenge for me at that time (as a young professional) was to setup the TRIDEC business in Portugal. After establishing TRIDEC in Portugal, it grew fast, and I could grow together with the company.  The following integration into JOST and the challenge to convert a “small family business” into a member of an international group was interesting enough to make me stay. Along the way, the possibilities to grow and develop myself together with the company were decisive to keep me motivated and fully committed. Few years later, taking the lead of Finance Administration and HR of both TRIDEC locations gave me a new perspective of a consolidated view and pointed out the need of alignment.

In summary, JOST has two main “ingredients” that still make it so interesting for me to be part of it. The first one is the cultural diversity and global landscape (the possibility to work together and have close contact with colleagues from several countries) and the second is the change attitude where opportunities for improvement and development continuously happen.


JOST: What has been your biggest professional challenge so far and how did you manage it?

Pinto: Over the last couple of years, the challenge to align and fully integrate both locations of TRIDEC (the Netherlands and Portugal) to become one TRIDEC, showed me how essential it is to have the right support and the alignment with corporate goals. It became more and more clear that a development program can only be successful when the involved team believes and feels the need. The communication and collaboration remain the key factors.


JOST: What do you do to relax after a day at work?

Pinto: At the end of a day, being at home with my family is my energizer for the next day.
Well, having a 30 minutes run or to get lost in the pages of a book can also help to make my day complete.


JOST: What advice would you give young women on how to assert themselves in a management position in the automotive industry?

Pinto: For a young woman who strives for a management position in the automotive industry, my advice (not different from every other industry) that you must feel the industry and its environment. Be passionate about the things that need to be done and the way you do it. Always aspire to do things better and take every opportunity to learn!

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