Women at JOST

Last year, our colleague Romy Acosta was awarded as one of the best Investor Relations Managers for the year 2021 among the small cap index (SDAX). She is with JOST since 2017 and significantly supported our IPO. Read her interview to learn about the goals she set for herself along her journey and some inspirational advice on how to make yourself heard.

JOST: Please briefly outline your professional career.

Acosta: After finishing my studies in Business & Administration at the University of Cologne, I worked in the renewable energies industry for a stock listed solar company. My initial focus was on market research and competitive analysis but very quickly I became more involved in the broader aspects of the investor relations work.

JOST: How did you come to JOST and why did you stay at our company?

Acosta: In July 2017, JOST was in the process of finalizing its IPO. They were looking for an all-rounder Investor Relations Senior Manager to help them develop JOST’s equity story, manage capital market communications, and ensure compliance with the wide range of legal requirements stock-listed companies have.

I hadn’t heard of JOST until that point and wasn’t familiar with the commercial vehicle industry, but the more research I did, the more fascinated I became. Developing JOST’s Investor Relations strategy and establishing the company in the capital market was a unique opportunity that I had to seize.


JOST: What has been your biggest professional challenge so far and how did you manage it?

Acosta: Establishing an IR department from scratch was something I’d never done before, so those first months at JOST immediately after the IPO were quite challenging. For me, it helped to have three clear goals in mind of what I wanted to achieve short- and mid-term.

Firstly, I wanted to ensure a seamless transition for JOST from a private-owned to a public-listed company with all the structural changes to the reporting and communication process that this required. Secondly, my own personal goal: To learn the in-and-outs of the industry as quickly as possible to better develop JOST’s equity story and grow investors’ understanding of the company. And lastly, shape’s JOST reputation as an attractive and reliable investment and broaden the number of brokers covering the stock, two of the biggest hurdles small and mid-sized cap companies struggle with after an IPO.

The support of the colleagues across the different departments and regions, their willingness to help but also to listen and JOST’s culture to be a part of the solution were incredibly valuable resources to achieve those goals.

JOST: What do you do to relax after a day at work?

Acosta: I like to go for long walks after work, usually while listening to audiobooks. Before, when I still had a dog, I was much more consistent about it. These days, I tend to skip if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Then, the evening ends up with me relaxing on the couch, watching Netflix, reading, or chatting with friends.


JOST: What advice would you give young women on how to assert themselves in a management position in the automotive industry?

Acosta: Be bold! Fight for the things you’re passionate about. This probably applies to every industry, really. Get out of your comfort zone and don’t wait until you’re 100 % certain of how you’ll manage to achieve your end goal. Sometimes all you can be certain about is the next step, so take it. Listen to others and learn from them, but make sure that your voice is heard, too. Believe in yourself, and don’t let naysayers discourage you. 

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